Dymond Technologies has assisted in the IT project success of some of the largest companies and government agencies in California. Recent projects include:

Responsive Procurement Framework

California Independent System Operator Corporation (CALISO)
Dymond assessed the existing procurement framework of the Procurement and Vendor Management (PVM) program to evaluate its effectiveness against CALISO’s business needs. We focused on project and contract management performance improvement and provided consultants to review current policies, processes, templates, and associated documentation and to conduct interviews and provide prioritized recommendations for a new framework. This allowed CALISO to adopt sourcing and procurement management industry best practices that met their goals.

Result: Dymond created a new framework that was more responsive to CALISO’s business needs, bringing CALISO into alignment will industry standards, improved compliance with legal requirements, reduced risk exposure to the corporation, and improved the overall usability of the PVM processes and function.

Rigorous Acquisition Planning

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Dymond facilitated and coordinated the procurement execution process with the Department of General Services to procure the prime system configuration and implementation vendor for the Caltrans Pavement Management (PaveM) project.

Result: Dymond developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) that included well-defined business, technical, and usability requirements that attracted many qualified vendors to respond to the proposal, provided evaluation criteria aligned with the goals and objectives of the PaveM project, and ultimately resulted in the selection a vendor well qualified to implement the PaveM system.

Major Statewide Conversion Management

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Dymond provided project management and requirement management services to convert EDD’s Alternate Base Period project comprised of two separate projects: Alternate Base Period Mainframe and Wage Tool. We also provided project management services for the conversion of EDD’s Single Client Database (SCDB) system from an IDMS platform to a DB2 platform and position the Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Disability Insurance (DI) program areas for further modernization of their service delivery applications in the future.

Result: Dymond took necessary action to understand the challenges facing multiple projects in the EDD project portfolio and provided critical information to executive management that led to the cancellation of some projects and the refocus of resources to rejuvenate and rescue others. This resulted in the successful migration of a portfolio of projects to a new maintainable, scalable platform.

Multi-Phase State Financial System Project Management

Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal)
Dymond provided project management services to prepare for and execute legacy systems identification and legacy systems artifacts collection, analysis, participation in the legacy systems disposition, data cleansing, data extraction of legacy systems data into the FI$Cal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) staging area for the FI$Cal Project. We provided Senior Project management services included project planning, executing, and controlling for Wave 1, Wave 2, and Wave 3 data conversion and interface development activities.

The FI$Cal Project is a major effort to modernize and reengineer the financial business operations of California on an enterprise-wide basis. It is a business transformation project for state government and will prepare the State systems and workforce to function in an integrated financial management environment through the implementation of ERP software.

Result: Dymond established and employed structured processes and tools to support the departments’ interface and conversion efforts in Wave 1, Wave 2, and Wave 3. These processes and tools improved the quality of data transfer between the departments and FI$Cal and can be utilized for the migration effort for future waves as more and more departments migrate to the new integrated platform.

Strategic Planning for Business Continuity

California Department of Technology Services (DTS)
In keeping with the Department of Technology Services’ (DTS) strategic direction to incorporate Business Continuity as an integral part of its service offerings for its customers, Dymond developed a Strategic and Tactical Plan for the DTS Business Continuity Program (BCP) in support of its objectives to increase its capabilities for “Initial Recovery” through “Full Restoration” of its departmental services. The Plan defined the work effort necessary to address emergency response, disaster recovery, business recovery, and business resumption. Dymond clearly defined each project in a Project Charter depicted in a dashboard that summarized a proposed timeline for implementations.

Result: Dymond’s plan included key findings that represented the weakness of the DTS Business Continuity program and provided specific recommendations to address those challenges. The plan included a four-year roadmap to systematically initiate the projects and efforts that moved the DTS to its business continuity goals and objectives.