Position Type: Lead Project Manager
Contract Duration: 1 Year
Anticipated Start Date: 4/15/2019
Location: Sacramento
Submission Deadline: 4/3/2019
Position Responsibilities:
Serves as the primary project management support services for the CARS Project.

  • Assists with the day-to-day management of the CARS Project.
  • Assists in coordination of project related tasks and assignments performed by PRD and ITD to ensure successful and timely completion of all project deliverables.
  • Complies with all applicable State policies, particularly the California Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM), Section 19 – Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL), 19B – Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis and 19C – Stage 3 Solution Development Preparation Instructions.
  • Serves as the Stakeholder Coordinator establishing a methodology to facilitate communication activities with stakeholder groups including the CARS SI and other consultants, Fair Political Practices Commission, Franchise Tax Board, media, vendors, campaign filers, lobbying entities, SOS staff and the general public.
  • Manages the project in accordance with California Project Management Methodology (CA-PMM) as defined in SIMM, Section 17 – California Project Management Framework (CA-PMF), supplemented by the Project Management Institutes's (PMI) methodology as defined in the Project Management Body of  Knowledge (PMBOK®) in the event that the CA-PMM proves to be insufficient.

Experience Mandatory:

  1. Must have at least five (5) years of proven experience on State of California information technology projects in a management role preferably over multidisciplinary teams that include technical and business staff, and working with consultants and stakeholders (such as agency executives, contract managers and staff, independent vendors, independent project oversight consultants, independent validation and verification consultants, state staff and vendors).
  2. Must have at least two (2) years proven experience in the role of a lead Project Manager on at least one (1) project of similar size, scope and complexity. The candidate must demonstrate experience in all aspects of managing the referenced project – from project start to finish – even if not all on one project.
  3. Must have proven experience in managing a large scale integration project in which the candidate’s scope of responsibility included supporting efforts to manage a systems integration vendor.
  4. Must demonstrate experience in the successful development of deliverables (approved by the appropriate control agency) required by SIMM, Section 19 - PAL on at least two (2) projects of similar size, scope and complexity; relevant FSR development experience may be substituted.
  5. Must have proven experience preparing project plans, schedules, issue and risk management response plans, budget projections and revisions, and other standard project management work products.
  6. The Contractor must provide with their offer, three (3) different sample project management work products, as reference above, for which their candidate was responsible for drafting and that were delivered to and accepted by prior clients; at least one (1) of which must be a schedule management plan. If the candidate has previously applied IEEE or COBIT industry standards to project management, these may be substituted as project management samples.
  7. Must have at least three (3) years of experience using Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools including Microsoft Project versions 2010 or newer.
  8. Must possess a current Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate. The Contractor must provide a copy of the candidate’s certificate with their offer.

Experience Desirable:

  1. At least five (5) years demonstrated experience in agile project management, including schedule development and project planning.